Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Power Plating & Red Wine

It's not just running that I try to do in an attempt to shift those difficult pounds, I also indulge in a funny form of exercise called Power Plating. For those of you unfamiliar with this form of exercise you basically stand on a large platform which vibrates very quickly whilst you perform extremely unflattering movements and try not to fall over. The theory being that the vibrations mean that you have to work harder to control your balance and therefore your muscles work harder. It looks simple but it can be bloody hard work and you look completely ridiculous whilst doing it!

I try and attend PP classes about two or three times a week. As far as mummy-friendly classes go it's very good. There are only four machines meaning the classes are normally small and they have a telly which is normally tuned to cbeebies to entertain the toddlers. Kitty loves going and kicks up a huge amount of fuss if I try and go without her. I think it's because she has a mummycrush on my friend Hannah who I go with. Why do my children always get obsessed with my friends!

Anyway, last night I had a bit of an unexpected late red wine fuelled evening and woke up this morning feeling suitably rubbish. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was go and be shaken about on the PP machine but i dragged my butt down there and actually really enjoyed it. Proves again that exercise can sometimes really make it actually feel better. That will be the endorphins then. Must remember that tomorrow when B drags me out in the dark. IT WILL MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!

Anyway, am now indulging in an afternoon of tv and chocolate to congratulate myself for shifting my butt so early in the day with a hangover!

Laters H

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The long slog

Hello . . . eek first blog post ever.

I am a stay at home mum and over the last two years in an attempt to shift the baby pounds and give me something that's just for me I have been running, with varying degrees of success. I totally blame my darling running partner for all the moments of agony (sorry B), whilst high fiving myself every time I beat a time or get round the park without dying!

So here we are in the damp darkness of February. After a crappy effort this winter, B and I are planning to really get going this year and have our eyes set upon beating our 10K time this summer at the London 10K whilst toning up a bit and getting in as many gossip sessions as we possibly can (yes blokes might like to run on their own but B and I like to use it as an excuse for a goss). So we have managed to secure a training plan from a friendly Olympian and are determined to succeed.

So last night was training session 1. Our target was 3 miles in 30 mins. We managed just (and I mean just, the park gates were in the wrong place) under 3 in 25mins52secs. Not a bad start. I don't feel too bad today, although B says her legs really ache. But I did succeed in having my first ever case of runners nipple! Makes me feel like a pro for some reason.

Bring on our next session. 2miles, plus some hideous backward and forward running, which is apparently known as 'strides'.

laters H