Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The long slog

Hello . . . eek first blog post ever.

I am a stay at home mum and over the last two years in an attempt to shift the baby pounds and give me something that's just for me I have been running, with varying degrees of success. I totally blame my darling running partner for all the moments of agony (sorry B), whilst high fiving myself every time I beat a time or get round the park without dying!

So here we are in the damp darkness of February. After a crappy effort this winter, B and I are planning to really get going this year and have our eyes set upon beating our 10K time this summer at the London 10K whilst toning up a bit and getting in as many gossip sessions as we possibly can (yes blokes might like to run on their own but B and I like to use it as an excuse for a goss). So we have managed to secure a training plan from a friendly Olympian and are determined to succeed.

So last night was training session 1. Our target was 3 miles in 30 mins. We managed just (and I mean just, the park gates were in the wrong place) under 3 in 25mins52secs. Not a bad start. I don't feel too bad today, although B says her legs really ache. But I did succeed in having my first ever case of runners nipple! Makes me feel like a pro for some reason.

Bring on our next session. 2miles, plus some hideous backward and forward running, which is apparently known as 'strides'.

laters H

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